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Often, he will switch between these rages and happy cluelessness at random if he sees a distraction. Almost forgot about Jane's ear piercings and had to go back downstairs to retrieve them. It's like I was someone else. For my first dozen strokes, I think she came with each one and by the end, I was battering her cervix with my dick. Wow, it had seemed a lot longer.

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Aladdin star Mena Massoud shares why playing Aladdin is a dream come true. Watch now. Lane Miserables 14 Jul The return of the rest of the Lane family sends Jane, then Trent over to the Morgendorffer household. But a third visitor begins to shatter Daria's illusions of life with Trent. The Lane family is in crisis. One by one, the older Lane children return home and won't leave.

Then, two of the grandkids also arrive and the house is packed with goody bohemians. Jane and Trent can't take it and move in with the Morgendorffers and there are some adjustment problems. Daria feels odd being so uncomfortably close to Trent and Trent has problems following the house rules--as the Lanes' only rule concerns not making fires in any room without a fireplace!

It all comes to a head when Mrs. Lane finally seeks refuge--sick of her own annoying family of moochers. Helen has a sure-fire place that will drive them off in short order. Part of the reason I loved this episode were Jake's incredibly inane and funny comments. In particular, his comment about Marmaduke is a classic. But the writing throughout all this episode is tops.

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Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. The couple have been involved in many attempts to rekindle their marriage, from taking romantic retreats "Antisocial Climbers" to using the Xanadu Professional Couples Counseling agency " The Daria Database " to out-of-town workshops " Speedtrapped ".

In the first series, they were involved in the " Couples Therapy Night " group and knew the Gupty family through it. Jake loathed these nights and considered the other couples "wimps", but in one session he broke down and started crying. Jake has become irritated verging on raging when Helen has had to cancel planned getaways in favour of work "Of Human Bonding", "Camp Fear" , in "Bonding" diverging from there into a general rant about being unable to depend on anyone.

Once, Jake got angry that Helen wasn't supporting his career and managed to guilt her into going along with him on a networking mission " Just Add Water " ; she has since acted as 'supportive wife' during business meetings for his sake, but it clearly bores and irritates her "My Night at Daria's".

He goes along to her firm functions to play 'supportive husband' but enjoys them even less than Helen enjoys his, as her colleagues shun him and she once had to get some people to promise to talk to him. Helen is often ticked with Jake for not doing his share of parenting: Sometimes Jake has also been annoyed that he isn't allowed more control from her. In "Psycho Therapy," Jake accuses Helen of having control issues, allowing him no vices.

Both are then asked to role-play as the other, leading Jake to portray Helen as a narcissistic career woman with an addiction to praise who does everything without empathy, while Helen portrays Jake as a self-pitying manic-depressive who doesn't try to fix his own problems and is adverse to responsibility.

Jake's assessment of Helen really hits home for her and upsets her greatly, leading him to apologize afterward. There has never been any suggestion that Jake is cheating on Helen or would do, though he apparently phoned a sex chat line once "Quinn the Brain". When hit on by DeeDee in "Just Add Water", Jake was immediately nervous and ran away to inform Helen at the first bit of physical contact; when they got into an argument later, he blamed her for leaving him with DeeDee.

In "Sappy Anniversary", prolonged absences due to work causes Helen and Jake to spend less time together, and both of them miss the other. Later on in "Sappy", Jake becomes worried Helen is bothered about being married to a loser - she reassures him she isn't bothered quickly saying she doesn't think he's a loser , and reveals that she's still kept the badly-made, ugly hobbit candle he made for her back during their first anniversary, as it was something he created especially for her: He didn't recognise the candle and reacted with horror at the misshapen thing.

Jake is loving towards his daughters, though he's often vulnerable to being taken advantage of - especially financially. As a result, he will often let Helen take the lead and simply attempt to back her up, though this often goes wrong when he's not been paying attention. In "Quinn the Brain" he initially complained he wasn't ever allowed to be the lead parent, and then, when he proved unable to navigate his daughter's extortions, threw his wallet at them and yelled "damn it, Helen, I told you I was no good at this parent crap!

When it comes to difficult situations in parenting, Jake tries to avoid them: Helen would even once say that she's "raising two teenagers all by [her]self", before remembering "with Jake". He may wonder why Quinn never introduced him to any of her friends " Daria Dance Party " but Helen has no such confusion Despite Jake's neurotic behavior, there have been periods where he has true insight into the lives of his children.

During "Boxing Daria," he explains to Daria that while she was a difficult child to deal with due to her reclusive and jaded behavior, he and Helen understood and accepted that someone as bright as she was not going to be like everyone else. This, of course, flies in the face of their many attempts primarily Helen's to get Daria to be like everyone else.

In the flashbacks in that episode, notably, he identifies the young Daria "doesn't want to fit in" and that Helen won't admit it. In her teenage years, in "Psycho Therapy", he states to the Quiet Ivy staff that "there's nothing wrong with Daria"; and in "Aunt Nauseum" and other episodes, it's Daria he turns to out of the girls if he needs help. In "Of Human Bonding", he desperately wants to bond properly with Daria and reach out, and that he's worried she always looks so lonely, but proves incapable of pulling it off; earlier in the episode, however, he was scared of knowing about her.

Earlier, when he tried to seriously ask if he was a good father in "Jake of Hearts" and hoped he wasn't making his children feel less than him, she also dodged the question rather than have an emotional conservation. Daria, in "Of Human Bonding", thought: That's what's so heartbreaking.

He's my father; shouldn't I let down the barricades for once and tell him I think he's a hero? Quinn, for her part, generally views her dad as a soft touch but was genuinely upset when he had his heart attack in "Jack of Hearts", abruptly deciding she was going to become a heart doctor; she stopped after he became well again but before then had been deliberately studying, a strange and shocking event.

Internal production bios for Jake see Trivia reveal that he was originally meant to repeat his father's mistakes when he got under stress. This would be dropped soon into the show, while Mad Dog's mistakes would be shown to be greater than originally planned "grounds the children, drinks". Jake owns his own consultancy, Morgendorffer Consulting.

Jake's status as a marketing consultant changes from episode to episode. Sometimes it seems to be doing just fine, sometimes he's losing clients and is in danger of losing his parking space. Glenn Eichler has stated that MTV had "highly paid idiot "consultants" roam the halls dispensing wisdom like "Kids today communicate through text messaging!

That's a cell phone thing they do! The series does show that Jake has some pull around Lawndale, though. In "Sappy Anniversary", Jake manages to temporarily work for Buzzdome despite not knowing anything about modern computers and the Internet: When they fire him, they then take him on as a consultant to show them how confused, middle-aged people will best understand their services.

In the same episode, Jake expresses pride and defiance over being self-employed; going off "Boxing Daria", when he was employed by others he hated the job and worked for at least one "mini-Mussolini". On the old MTV websites, Jake has a company website:. My name is Jake Morgendorffer.

I have over 20 years of experience in consumer motivation, market research implementation protocol, and direct mail couponpack composition. Need marketing advice? My one-man operation keeps your costs low. You won't be wasting money on fancy penthouse offices, extensive support staff, or extravagant expense account meals. Or a decent coffee maker. Or a computer that can go for three minutes without crashing.

I even use both sides of the paper when photocopying. When the damn "factory refurbished" copier works. If you hire me you will get personalized service - the kind you won't find at some huge downtown firm with a boardroom table bigger than my so-called office "suite. And by the way, it was the printer's fault. No, damn it! They would never put up with that. But I will be happy to do so.

As well as a website for his company, Jake has a personal homepage, Dad's Dynamic Domain. I'm Jake Morgendorffer. When I'm not busy consulting with leading multinational corporations and local business visionaries, I like to relax at home with my wife, Helen, and two teenage daughters, Daria and Quinn. There's nothing like a quiet evening spent watching TV or reading the paper while they do whatever it is they do.

Besides parenting on those rare occasions when my wife lets me, ha ha, kidding, dear , I also like to cook, do the Jumble, and wonder if life is going by faster than it used to. Click here for my pasta cooking tips: Not that I have time to putter around the kitchen these days, being so in demand for my consulting services! Hey, is that the phone again?

Gotta run! Did you attend Buxton Ridge Military Academy between and ? I am trying to locate alumni. This is not for a reunion; I just want to find out if it screwed you up as much as it did me. We can swap memories of heartless parents who shipped off their own flesh and blood to be "cared" for by cruel strangers holding guns.

Plus Jane really didn't want to wait and I was and still am adamant that your friendship is sacrosanct. Once she was clean, I kissed each finger and placed the hand gently on her waist. It had taken a little bit extra shopping, but I had found a faded green jacket, amber-ish t-shirt, knee-length black skirt and heavy shoes for Daria to match her class toon image. Big boys don't cry.

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Almost forgot about Jane's ear piercings and had to go back downstairs to retrieve them. He tries to remain a cheerful and friendly mood, but apparently he is also shrill, irritable, and overreactive. Black Leggings. When we got home, I added one more condition

Release Dates. Her legs leaped up behind me and pulled me tight into her crotch, while at the same time she thrust her right hand back down to her clit, forcing her fingers between our bodies to play with it. However, during his convalescence, Daria points out, to his delight, that he has now lived longer than his hated father.

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