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Beta On June 16th the Minecraft Forum will be archived. The download isn't working, what should I do? Last edited by nintyboy I saw art of "this mob", how come it isn't in the mod?

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Getting Started: How to install this mod. Answering your questions. Custom Scripts: Add some variety. How do we do it? Talking to Mobs: How to do it. Mob Talker Item: The main part of this mod. Post them here. Improvements are welcome. Fixed the link. Last edited by jackyyang09 on Mon Jun 16, But you know that we the MobTalker 2 team will have to "take care" of R-rated pictures and the like.

Knowing rammkiler's gallery, there might be some pictures which are subjects to that. Just to make sure you don't get warnings, ask one of the team members about a picture if you're not sure if you may post it here or not. Who is online Users browsing this forum: The mod will add a script system into Minecraft,allow it to read custom script files and interact with player with new way!

You can even make friend with mobs! It just depends on how you write the script. Of course, we have some default scripts for it, so you can simply enjoy chatting with mobs. Latest version of the mod: Beta Both Mobtalker Beta9. Normal talk support: Creeper 2 days ,Zombie 2 days ,Enderman 2 days.

These documentations are talking about the rule of scripts. Beta 9: English Version Traditional Chinese Version. Japanese Version. There is also a thread talking about custom scripts: MobTalker Wiki. Which means,different chara pictures of them. Last edited by Flammarilva: Nov 4, Rollback Post to Revision RollBack.

I've never seen something like this before, unusual, but nice work. Last edited by Jetmann Jun 20,

Bug List Before 8. My mob talker broke! Home Minecraft Forum Mapping and Modding: Lol Erogecraft XDD hahaha just kiddng Only add information that is correct.


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  2. I've never seen something like this before, unusual, but nice work.
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  4. MobTalker2 lets you transform Minecraft into a visual novel-styled adventure game.
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