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Genesis Kirby: The Fantastic Four 1 November The shuttle crash landed somewhere in the African jungles of Wakanda. Thinking the center is named after the Thing himself, the Yancy Street Gang plans to graffiti the building exterior, but discovers the building was actually named after Daniel Grimm, Ben's deceased older brother and former leader of the gang. Energy Projection. Sharon was freed by the villain Klaw and recruited as a part of the Wizard 's Frightful Four team.

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When Freeze learned that Sharon had not completed the treatment, she was forced to order the other Grapplers to capture her. Sharon escaped, with the help of the Thing. During the battle, the Thing started to mutate and change. Sharon helped Ben get to a hospital, and then accidentally became involved in a battle with the hero She-Hulk. While they were fighting, the Thing left the hospital, not wanting them to see his newly mutated body.

For a while, Ms. Marvel looked for Malus. During her search, she met the Captain a brief alternate identity used by Captain America when he rescued her from the Power Broker's facility after she'd been captured by his henchmen. While she was imprisoned, she was molested by some of the Power Broker's men.

As a result, Sharon found it very difficult to trust men. A little later she joined the hero team Fantastic Four , reuniting with the Thing, who she found herself able to trust, as because of his mutated appearance, he was not like other men. Marvel were forced to take one of Fasaud's space shuttles. They defeated Fasaud in outer space, but the shuttle was badly damaged in the battle.

The shuttle crash landed somewhere in the African jungles of Wakanda. During the descent to Earth, the shuttle and its occupants were bombarded with cosmic rays. After crashing, the Thing found himself further mutated, while Sharon had mutated into a form similar to that of Ben when he originally turned into the Thing.

At one point Doctor Doom offered to restore Sharon to her original form, in return for being in his debt. She accepted, and was restored to normal, leaving the Fantastic Four for a time. After Doom confronted the Four in battle and demanded Sharon turn on them, she violently disagreed, having become romantically involved with the Thing again, and realizing Doom was a monster.

Despite her rejection of Dr.

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Doom, Sharon was rebuffed by the Thing, who couldn't accept that she would ever ally with the villain. She was placed in a stasis tube by Mr. Fantastic so that he might work on a cure for her condition. Before Mr. Fantastic could cure her, he seemingly died in battle with Dr. Sharon was freed by the villain Klaw and recruited as a part of the Wizard 's Frightful Four team.

Wyatt offered Sharon a place on his tribe's reservation while she came to grips with her situation, and she agreed. She-Thing was kidnapped at some time by the Skrulls , and was believed to be part of Mavericks , the New Mexico Initiative team, but it was revealed that it was a Skrull impersonator. She was freed during the final battle in Central Park , [12] and was detained in Camp Hammond for talking sessions and mental evaluation.

Sharon was later seen as one of the prisoners in Ryker's Island , where she had ascended in the "hierarchy" of the inmates, and became the boss of a group of convicts in the section called Power House. She had completely abandoned the name of Sharon Ventura, and identified herself exclusively as She-Thing.

Months later, she rejoined the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federations and had apparently reverted to her original human appearance or had learned how to go back and forth between her She-Thing form. After being further mutated into the more monstrous rocky form, Ben is briefly changed back to his human form, and returned leadership of the Fantastic Four to Reed Richards.

In a Fantastic Four comic published in , Ben learns that he is entitled to a large sum of money, his share of the Fantastic Four fortune, which Reed Richards had never touched, as he had the shares of the other teammates who were family members in order to pay off various debts of the group. The Thing uses his newfound wealth to build a community center in his old neighborhood on Yancy Street, the "Grimm Youth Center".

Thinking the center is named after the Thing himself, the Yancy Street Gang plans to graffiti the building exterior, but discovers the building was actually named after Daniel Grimm, Ben's deceased older brother and former leader of the gang. The relationship between the Yancy Streeters and the Thing is then effectively reconciled, or at least changed to a more good-natured, playful rivalry as exemplified by the comic ending, with Yancy Streeters spray-painting the sleeping Thing.

Some personality traits of the cantankerously lovable, occasionally cigar-smoking, Jewish native of the Lower East Side are popularly recognized as having been inspired by those of co-creator Jack Kirby, who in interviews has said he intended Grimm to be an alter ego of himself.

Initially in the storyline " Civil War ", Ben is a reluctant member of the pro-registration side of the controversy over the Superhuman Registration Act SHRA , until he witnesses a battle on Yancy Street in which Captain America 's forces try to rescue captured allies held by Iron Man 's forces. The young man dies and the Thing verbally blasts both sides for not caring about the civilians caught in the conflict.

He announces that, while he thinks the registration is wrong, he is also not going to fight the government and is thus leaving the country for France. Indifferent to choosing sides, Ben focuses on protecting civilians from harm. The aftermath of the Civil War is still being felt in this issue, as Ben and Johnny and even Franklin consider the future of the team and Reed and Sue's marriage.

When Reed and Sue arrive near issue's end, they announce that they are taking a break from the team and have found two replacement members: Black Panther , and Storm of the X-Men. The title of the story in this issue is a quote from Ben, "Come on, Suzie, don't leave us hangin'. Ben has been identified as Number 53 of the registered superheroes who appear on the cover of the comic book Avengers: The Initiative 1.

Ben once again tries to take on the Hulk within the events of the storyline " World War Hulk " in order to buy Reed Richards the time he needs to complete his plans for the Hulk. Ben gives his best shots, but the Hulk takes his punches without slowing down.

The Hulk proceeds to knock out Ben by punching both sides of his head simultaneously. Their battle is brought to an abrupt end when Hiroim repairs the damage to Manhattan Island, drawing the energy to do so from Ben and Korg. In the Secret Invasion: Not long after their arrival, Ben has to protect Franklin and Valeria from an impending onslaught of giant insects.

Although Ben states that his loyalty will always be to the Fantastic Four, Cage confirms that he is not asking Ben to resign from his original team, merely suggesting that Ben split his time between the two teams, as Wolverine divides his time between the X-Men and the Avengers. During the " Fear Itself " storyline, Ben lifts one of the seven fallen hammers of the Serpent and becomes Angrir: Breaker of Souls.

In the " Original Sin " storyline, after learning from the eye of the murdered Uatu that Johnny Storm unintentionally sabotaged an experiment that could have allowed Grimm to become human again, [55] Ben is found having apparently murdered the Puppet Master ; the crime was committed in a sealed room that even Reed Richards could barely penetrate with Alicia Masters as the only witness.

To help Thing cope with Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman's disappearance, Human Torch takes him on a journey through the Multiverse using the Multisect in order to find them. The Thing is generally well liked by other heroes within the Marvel universe. Grimm's relationship with his teammates has been a close but occasionally edgy one given his temper.

He and Johnny Storm the Human Torch often argue and clash but they do respect each other. Grimm's first love interest was the blind Alicia Masters, and he was intensely jealous of her. When Johnny started a relationship of his own with Alicia Masters and they became engaged, Grimm was upset. However, he had to concede that, unlike himself and his stone-covered body, Johnny could "be a man".

The real Alicia, who was kept in suspended animation , was rescued by the Fantastic Four and reunited with the Thing. Ben began dating a teacher named Debbie Green. However, Grimm also holds Reed responsible for his condition, since Richards had dismissed the potential danger of the cosmic rays that gave them their powers, although Grimm had taken them very seriously.

The Thing's primary superhuman power is his great physical strength. Initially, he was only strong enough to lift approximately five tons. He is capable of surviving impacts of great force without sustaining injury, as his body is covered with an orange, flexible, rock-like hide. He is also able to withstand gunfire from high-caliber weapons as well as armor-piercing rounds.

It is possible to breach his exterior, however, and he does bleed as a result. One such instance involved Wolverine 's adamantium claws scarring The Thing's face. The Thing's highly advanced musculature generates fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity, granting him superhuman levels of stamina. When in his Thing form, he has only four fingers on each hand.

The loss of one digit on each hand, and the increase in volume of the remainder, does not affect his manual dexterity. However, he has been shown doing things like holding a pencil and using it to dial a phone even with rotary dials , or to push buttons on a keypad, to use devices that would ordinarily be too small for him.

Aside from his physical attributes, the Thing's senses can withstand higher levels of sensory stimulation than an ordinary human, with the exception of his sense of touch. His lungs are possessed of greater efficiency and volume than those of an ordinary human. As a result, the Thing is capable of holding his breath for much longer periods of time.

The Thing is an exceptionally skilled pilot , due to his time spent as a test pilot in the United States Air Force and as a founding member of the Fantastic Four. He is also a formidable and relentless hand-to-hand combatant. His fighting style incorporates elements of Boxing , [75] wrestling , Judo , [75] jujitsu , and street-fighting techniques, as well as hand-to-hand combat training from the military.

On occasion, when Ben Grimm regained his human form and lost his Thing powers, he used a suit of powered battle armor designed by Reed Richards that simulated the strength and durability of his mutated body, albeit to a weaker degree. Wearing the suit, which was designed to physically resemble his rocky form, Ben continued to participate in the Fantastic Four's adventures. The first exo-skeletal Thing suit was destroyed after Galactus restored Ben's natural powers and form.

A second suit was built presumably by Richards and used sporadically when Ben had been returned to his human form. It has been revealed — after Franklin and Valeria created a formula that allows Ben to become human for one week each year — that Ben is almost immortal when in his Thing form, as he only ages when he is human.

Reed and Nathaniel traveled over three thousand years into the future to see Ben still alive after all that time. The Thing was ranked 2 on a listing of Marvel Comics' monster characters in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marvel comic book character. Main article: This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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