Cebu Red Light District

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Robinsons basement food hall, Fuente Osmena uptown , lunch time, has similar limited pick up potential. Time of year. No intention of returning to the following places, hence info might be out of date now: Excellent Robinsons basement food hall, Fuente Osmena uptown , lunch time, has similar limited pick up potential. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do.

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The last time I checked in this month , I couldn't find any clotheshanger so I just used the chairs to hang my clothes on. I know I could've asked for those by calling the front desk but I didn't want to bother the bellhops who, while accommodating, were old around 50 years old. The restroom was problematic at best.

Drainage was a problem, too. On the plus side, the hotel allowed early check-in at 4am. Other hotels have this at later times, usually 6am Cebu Business Hotel, for example. I stayed here in In , I stayed at the Cebu Business Hotel and wrote a review. While walking by the hotel in , I noticed that some part of the lobby had been renovated.

Although I didn't go in, if this hotel gets a well-deserved renovation, it will be a nice hotel. And that alone would make me reconsider staying at the Mercedes. The mattress was old and lumpy, pillows were beat to death in another century. That was a unique touch that I never forgot.

The location is very close to the corner of Osmena and Colon. There are a few internet shops, small sari-sari convenience stores, and a few other things nearby. I was at the Mercedes Hotel several years ago as I stopped to see a friend. It had old furniture and the beds were saggy and bad for a traveler's back.

Oddly enough the showers were generally okay. But, when I came back in that evening, I was surprised that probably one of the the cleaning crew it was a male crew had used my nice, clean, high-tech razor. I could tell as it had not been cleaned very well and the hair was dark and thick in the razor.

At night, if you wanted to go to bed before 1: The only thing that I can say discreetly was that I was able to get a pretty good massage at the time, although I had to convince the female masseuse that I really DID ONLY want a massage and nothing special.

But, the massage helped me get to sleep. The hotel is by the Carbon Market, which when I first saw it at night at The hotel beakfast was so-so with nothing special in my mind, although I ate the ham and eggs and toast, since I was thin and hungry. The staff was generally polite to me and called me "Boss", something which I don' necessarily like, but I will take that call compareed to a lot of other names.

There were people who did refer to me as "Sir", to be sure. I think that there are better places to stay in Cebu City, but if you are on a low budget, you might have to think about staying there. Again, it near some of the dicey and rough spots in Cebu, so expect to see a part of human nature that is at its worst. Staff was friendly.

Good restaurant. Internet available. Beds were large and seemed worn out but were comfortable nonetheless.

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Hardcore asian porn hardcore japanese sex de asians Nearby nightclub and barking dog could get annoying. Good room service. Friendly staff really made the stay comfortable. If you like to rough it on a scale of camping and want cheap then stay here. Lots of bugs in the rooms, little unknown guys, misquitos and cockroaches dwell here.

I had a delux room for 1 night. The bed sheets were ancient with many holes. The bed was substandard, the room was delipated with crusty stuff on the shower and sink. The TV did not work. Rundown airconditioning and non at all in the lobby. No internet. The night clerk wanted many many pesos to bring a quest in past 9pm.

One day roughing it here was plenty for me. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Use to be about 3 bad value Show Places here. Now, I see only one, wrote name down but forgot it. On same side of Ramos St as Robinsons, close to a house type restaurant, set back from the road.

No one, repeat, no one talks about the place, so you can be sure its hardly worth visiting. High prices for girls you can find elsewhere for less etc. Ave disco girls info below. Freelance Hookers for cheaper sex in Cebu: Cebu City is not the greatest place to find freelance ladies.

And its not Manila, which has a much bigger Freelance scene. You have to prowl in a taxi to find the odd p4p one standing on a street corner. Cost you a bit in taxi fares and doubtful you come up with someithing decent, and safe to bring back to your room theft. A dose, is the least you can expect: Disco Action: There is not much hooker pick up potential after them. Warning, get taxi to drop you at front, and pick up taxi at front, do not walk to or from Mango Square because of possibility of street robberies nowadays.

Ave Is in Mango Square entertainment area. Set back, on Mango Ave aka Gen. Maxillon Ave. All taxi drivers should know it. Currently the most popular pick up disco in Cebu. There is a mix of good girls and hookers in this place. Be wary how you approach girls , viz boyfriend might be around somewhere toilet etc. Usually hookers give you the eye.

Also be on the alert for trans-sexuals here and rest of Mango Square, and just about everywhere else in the Philippines and Thailand.. Always be sensitive to the fact that you might be targeting a non hooker, and maybe her boyfriend is in the disco somewhere, eg at bar or toilet etc.

Tread warily. Even the hookers themselves do not like being approached as if they are hookers. Phils not hard core like Thailand. Alcohology Disco … is also located at Mango Square , and not far from the much more popular J. Ave disco. Have no info on it. Still in biz? Pump1 Disco: Generally the hookers will give you the eye.

If you do not like the excessive noise at Pump 1, you can sit outside where there are girls too mostly korean when I was there but first spend a few mins inside secure someone and take her outside away from the noise and smoke. Location of Pump1: Every taxi driver should know it.

P50 SanMig. Prices might have varied by the time you get there. Lot cheaper and slightly more effective pick up place than Sunflower below. Worth a visit. Sunflower Disco: Whole area is going to be re-developed. That makes sense, valuable land in the right place. Halo Disco — also in Mabolo, not far from where Paseo was located.

Check taxi driver knows it before hopping in his car. Never hear it mentioned nowadays, either closed, or lost popularity? In the Skyrise building. Friday and Saturday nights only. Hookers in short supply here. Difficult for a pick up. For the curious: Crossroads Entertainment Complex, quite a taxi ride out from the city itself.

Taxi drivers seem to know it. Smallish disco, no entrance fee, hence full of virgins: Seriously, pick up potential here is very limited. Expect the good girls to have a male friend or brother chaperoning them, or at least to be with one or two girl friends. The chances of one of them going home with you on the night you meet is remote.

Dont go there for a quick pick up, its unlikely to happen. They do not need you or me. Forget it. There is the odd lady of the night working the streets. Usually they are of poor quality and a security risk valuables — room. Walk up Osmena Blvd from Rajah Place Hotel formerly Park Place Hotel at Fuente Osmena small park at centre of the roundabout and at the second traffic lights North you might see a half a dozen gals parked on the corner.

A Pimp will pop up out of nowhere and take the money. Give pimp P only, and in the privacy of your room give the lady P tip and everyone is happy. Cheap sex, eh. There were only two good ones there last time. Further along Sta Christina at the corner of J. Luna I was approached by young attractive ladies 2 , offering themselves for P short time.

They had no pimp, cutting costs, not willing to pay a pimp anything: P is the right price for these girls too. Believe there is some hokey pokey going on in that area too nowadays. Personally, I have never seen any sign of it. Possibly and overflow from the Mango Square area nearby.

Beware of transvestites , and drug addicts working in cahoots with Police: University of San Carlos — Corner of P. Del Rosario and Junquerra Streets. In my opinion genuine students are not found this way. I suspect most will say yes: Students do not sell themselves from street corners.

Enough said: Male and female pimps will approach you, downtown, eg Sanciangko-Palaez St area. Could cost you P, to extricate yourself from the Police who will come thumping on your door. Note … Right now, Jonquerra is in a lull. New Barangay Village Captain has curtailed activities somewhat. Very much in a lull, not worth calling on , right now: Still dead. Forget , waste of time nowadays.

Source of el cheepo chicks, some of them possibly underage watch it, you could be set up and it will cost you dearly. For sleaze specialists, having a naughty in Jonquera is a must. I have done so, but only when I was a lot younger, not nowadays. In reality you can not screw in Jonquerra itself anymore nowadays.

Jonquerra services low income Filipinos and Foreigners who like a touch of sleaze or bargain basement girls. Chicks … Hong-care-uh, Jaak-o-saalem entraance. Do not exit or enter car on road side danger passing cars. Walk down the small laneway opposite where taxi stops and have a look around.

Alternatively just stay in taxi and the girls will surround you. Select from inside taxi, if you want: Regular ST price for Jonquera is P max, but they will most probably ask you for more: Make sure she is going to stay all night. Pretty slack around this place, Mama-san might appear and collect the money before you take off with girl, maybe she doesnt, and girl give Mama her cut on return to Jonquerra.

Give these poor girls min of P50 max P taxi money to get back to Jonquerra. They are desperate and unfortunate souls with no future. Treat em right. See pics on Feb 1st link Diaries page. Foreigners can no longer shag in these native hot boxes, which are located deep inside Jonquerra not really safe. Some of the Jonquera girls are scrawny, undernourished creatures, but somehow they keep smiling.

A small number are quite pretty. The least you could expect without a condom is the clap STD: ALL of the following is most probably out of date and irrelevant nowadays: This ones at Banilad, not far from Country Mall, all taxi drivers know it. If your prepared to pay these prices, I am confident you will be able to find something respectable at Hanna Valley.

Info from their calling card: Not the best of atmosphere, here, goons, big steel gate etc, but forget that ….. I did not take any girl, no harm done: Time I called they only had 5 girls in residence, reckon they can call more in. Not my scene, not hanging around waiting for girls to arrive, I moved on.

Forget , most probably closed. Doubtful , forget. Sex Massage Parlours limited supply: As explained before, I am not a Massage fan. Consequently use the following prices as a guide only. Further down on right hand side you will find Plaridel St sign, Finland is on that corner. All taxi drivers know Luym. P massage only, plus extra for sex.

Finland is one of the longest established massage places. Reportedly prices are: Only about ten girls to choose from, nothing like Thailand scene. Seems to be the most popular massage place nowadays, but Cebu is not a good place for Massage. Personally dont know, never take a Massage bad value in my opinion.

Mars Massage. Massage P, BJ Full sex? Rama St. Think you can forget this one nowadays. It too has gone downhill. Girls not of foreigner standard, anymore. Waterfront Hotel Lahug supposedly offers Massage too. Would not be cheap. Girls should be attractive, but you never know: Taxi drivers know it. Very basic place.

Finland above more popular. Cost of Heart massage: Reportedly as follows …. P sixty mins massage only, no sexual titillation. Blow Job P but maybe only with condom. Remember you only have 60 mins all up. Some punters have reported that Hearts is not as hygienic as it should be. Caesars Palace Mandaue City — not cheap. Dont know much about it, called there a long time ago.

Some cuties those days. Fuente Osmena, might have a Massage service. This Hotel now under new management, see Forum report, give this place a miss. I do not do this anymore. Nowadays, very thin pickings. Maybe cause I am a lot older now: Day time: Then walk up and down Colon Street, going in and out of all the Department Stores, especially Gaisano Metro on the corner.

The female employees of these stores can be attractive and they would just love to toss that poorly paid job in for your passport ie marry you and get your citizenship. I am not suggesting you trick them with marriage proposals that you have no intention of carrying out. Such tactics are frowned upon by yours truly and are not necessary, to get a naughty see below story.

But ever the optimists, these girls have marriage to a foreigner on their mind. Use that motivation to your advantage and chat the shop assistants up. Also, chat girls shopping. Give them your prepared cell phone number. Sit back and see what happens. I bet you start getting text messages almost immediately: Marriage story: Girls mother reported him, he was apprehended at Airport, spent 4 months in prison, when he finally agreed to pay P, compensation and got out of jail.

Not sure what the charge was, but dont go around fooling Filipino women, you could pay a heavy price for doing so. Best thing is get taxi to Ayala pronounced: Aa-yaa-lah , any entrance will do, try your luck getting girls this way: In the Dept Stores themselves try dropping off your cellphone number to an attactive shop assistant.

Walking around, see a nice one, smile, say hello and see if you can get her to stop. Invite her and girlfriend to a snack whatever. Take it from there. Prop at any coffee shop, outside table, not inside shop, and see if you can get a nice one passing by to stop and join you at your table. There are pretty ordinary street type hookers hunting for unsuspecting newbie type tourist guys at Ayala too.

They will approach you. You can safely ignore them. Then there are attractive ones … you will have to take the initiative with the attractive ones. Last trip saw some cute ones at Ayala. They dont walk around, they prop at a table and smile at you as you pass. Join them, buy a drink sus it out.

Saturday night is possibly the busiest night. Beware of transvestites posing as women. Overall, your chances of success will depend on your age and how you look, behave. Younger guys have more eye appeal but sometimes are too hard core. Phil girls do not like anyone approaching them or talking to them like they are hookers.

A young guy who was sweet and charming should succeed in Ayala or any Shopping Mall in Phils. Depends on a lot of factors … sharply dressed? Connect with us. Share Tweet. Cebu City. Entrance to the event is free. Related Topics: Continue Reading.

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April 25, Like saving money? View Hotel. I know I could've asked for those by calling the front desk but I didn't want to bother the bellhops who, while accommodating, were old around 50 years old. A young guy who was sweet and charming should succeed in Ayala or any Shopping Mall in Phils. They will approach you.

A very good location - Summit Circle Cebu:

  1. Robinsons basement food hall, Fuente Osmena uptown , lunch time, has similar limited pick up potential.
  2. Very basic place.
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  4. Although now 47 years old, Myrna continues to work in the flesh trade, acknowledging her age has forced her to accept smaller payments.
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  7. district cebu red light Nothing?"
  8. Believe there is some hokey pokey going on in that area too nowadays.

Skyblue Hotel. Nevertheless, a must visit for the curious and those desiring a change from the Cebu City scene. For the first hour you also pay the "Mama-san" pesos, basically she's the one that manages all the transactions for you.

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