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Now she operates her own mercenary group made up of Asian assassins dressed as stereotypical anime schoolgirls. This dimension, referred to as "the Realm Beyond the Mist", is a place of enchantment. Despite showing no romantic inclinations toward Jon, Crypt Chick remains in the graveyard that he guards, and occasionally appears to assist him. Sunday, March 1, at the MegaCon convention Tarot: Some magical beings, such as dragons, see their imposed exile as humiliating, and believe that magical creatures should band together to destroy humanity. Licorice's actions have caused a very serious schism between herself and Tarot.

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These dragons completely embrace Raven's more militant views, and even join Azure when they believe Raven is leading his army. Her real name is never mentioned, but she takes the name Licorice because she is "sweet, and very bad for you". Languages Nederlands Edit links. She is also fiercely loyal in protecting and nurturing Tarot and her other lover, Licorice Dust. She has had one known lover in the course of the series, Azure, who betrayed her in pursuit of power. Art by Jim Balent and colors by Holly Golightly. This page was last edited on 12 February , at

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