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Channels Recommended. Most Subscribed. Recently Updated. Recommended Channels See All. Top Rated Channels See All. Lets do it! Bart crossed the family room again, but stopped. Hey Bart, do you know what happened to one of my beers? I had sixbut now I have 3, Homer said. Bart turned around. It Wasnt Me Chapter 4 The car suddenly jolted to a stop and Bart got out with the others doing the same.

He saw his chance and ran. He heard shots firing at him and someone running after him so he ran faster and faster. He ran in to an alleyway and jumped over the wall at the end. He stood completely still against the wall and tried to stay quiet. He heard the man go by and then a few more people soon after. After not hearing any yelling for a few minutes he quickly left the safety of the wall and attempted to get home and explain what had happened.

Could he manage it though? He ran as fast as possible, finding it hard to breathe, and he carried on and on in the hope he could reach home. He finally saw his house and ran towards it, sudden energy coming to him and allowing him to burst through the front door. Maggie Simpson sat under the Beech Tree reading through for the Millionth Time the Thirteen Clippings from all those years ago, The papers was now Yellowing with curls in the corners but Maggie smoothed them out and read the same story over and over in different Context.

Marge had taken it in her stride to purchase all Thirteen Magazines and Newspapers where Maggie was featured. She noticed she had been called Miracle-Girl In one of them. The Story was still fresh in her Mind, at it still followed her wherever she went and she knew it was all over so long ago but she just couldnt shake it off.

A Soccer ball came flying in her Direction and she caught it, Maggie had always been good at sports after she got her hearing back. Thank you all for reading and reviewing! And a bit of shameless self-advertising: That is all. Please enjoy the next chapter, read and review!

Thank you! Smithers stood frozen in his stance, staring at me with unblinking eyes and a frighteningly unchanging expression. I couldnt control my palms growing clammy, and I just hoped the sweat wouldnt mar Mr. Smithers doll. Umare you homosexual? Smithers expression changed then, and I dont know I was relieved by the alteration or not.

He looked like a bomb, desperately wanting to explode, but attempting not to do so. That is a very inappropriate question for you to ask me, Miss Simpson, he replied, calmly but evidently furiously. Posted on February 20, by simpsons porn. Hentai Picture: Foxy Marge Simpson is penetrated by toys and a fuck stick in her tight holes and gets filled up with jizz while her butt gets finger banged.

Cock-hungry whores of Simpsons anxious to do their best to make visitors satisfied! She made her way to the hospital and went to the desk to find out where to go. The receptionist was sorting through papers and managed to staple her fingers together. Lisa rolled her eyes. My fingers hurt, the receptionist said, looking as though she was about to cry. Looking at her name on the badge she soon realised why this seemed so familiar.

Can you pull this staple out? Lisa pulled it out and then made an excuse to leave. What is this hospital coming to? She soon found someone who showed her to another part of the hospital. It was Sunday afternoon and relatively quiet in the Simpson household, the weather was not particularly good the rain had been falling for a while it was chilly and seemed to effect the mood of the family.

Well most of it, Lisa was out in the country pony riding and from all accounts the weather where she was was fine. Homer had taken his usual position on the sofa watching the tv, Marge was busying her self around the house Maggie was content in her high chair and Bart, Bart was in his bedroom.

Hi Homer he said placing down the now closed book. Homer smiled, One he said your reading which is too much like learning and education and two, you closed the book too quickly, almost hiding something from me he reached out for the book, too late for Bart, he reacted too slowly. Exploded homer, bart inwardly sighed, already resigned to the verbal beating he was no doubt about to receive.

He could see it now, rants raves and groundings possibly even an ear clipping. Ready for whatever punishment his father was going to dish out, he opened his eyes and calmly looked a him, he had after all read it twice, so even taking the thing would have only a limited effect, he saw his fathers shocked face, it was a picture, one he would never forget and one he wished he could capture and show Milhouse when he came back from his aunts.

A deep glutteral growling began in homers throat, the amazingly it subsided, homer was annoyed at the boy, this type of material was not for one so young, but if obtained he knew he would have done the same thing, with a composure of a more understanding father he simply stood and took the magazine and decided to confront Marge and they could both decide on a suitable punishment, he looked at bart with a deep penetrating stare as he stood, homer wanted to laugh as he saw his sons face, shocked, not at only being caught out but by his fathers………..

His heart was still racing and his breath deep but his mind was in a turmoil. He slipped from the bed and gently opened the door, made his way to the top of the landing and listened, his father had no doubt gone to his mom……what would her reaction be. Homer stomped into the kitchen and slammed the magazine down on the kitchen table causing marge to turn from her routine duties, she looked at homer then the source of the slam, she stopped what she was doing instantly as she kinda recognised the glossy magazine lying there.

Without another word she turned, placed down the cup she was washing, dried her hands and walked over and sat at the table, pulling the magazine towards her, she opened it. Homer watched her walk over, her face was….. Marge glanced at the girlies within, semi naked and naked, legs open, revealing all their female delights.

Page after page. She obviously knew her son was growing, becoming more and more curious, and no doubt it was rife at school, older kids knowing more, the kids bart hung around with he as bound to come into contact with this, and alike. He is getting older she said. His mouth dropped open, he had expected her to react angrily but to a lesser degree than him normally, but with his subdued reaction he thought her normal reaction would have paled his…..

He slumped in the chair before her, marge he said, its an adults magazine….. Marge smiled, very funny, of course I am annoyed, well upset really but its not unexpected, like I said he is growing up, he is curious. Homer slammed his fist, he should be curious about different candies he said loudly, not this……filth.

He sighed, fine….. What would the guys at work do, he pondered, probably pat his son on the back before snatching the mag for themselves. This was the type of thing they were always talking about at work, this magazine, that magazine, this film that film, and lets face it homer he thought to himself, you only join in the conversation with them with as much gusto, its not as if he was against the stuff.

They had only recently been talking about the latest film out, apparently the most risquever made with some hot and steamy bits, homer had wished he had seen it……..

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